I made a mistake with my payment, what can I do?


Don’t panic mistakes happen and can be rectified. You should have received a confirmation of payment email from us. Just forward a copy of the email to [email protected] and tell us what went wrong. A member of the green fees team will be in contact within 48 hours.


Can I see a copy of your Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy?


Sure thing, our terms can be viewed here and our privacy policy can be viewed here.


I can't log in, why?


We assume you have already tried turning Green Fees off and on? From our experience we also suggest you double check you have your username and password typed correctly. Passwords can be changed if you have forgotten it or a new account created. If that's still not working payments can be made as one offs without logging in so give that a shot. Its also possible something has gone wrong with the internet that is out of our control & we suggest you try again after a short break.


How do I change my Credit Card details for future payments?


That’s easy, any recorded personal details can be updated from "My Details" located in the menu once logged in.


How do I update incorrect personal details?


Just head to the "My Details" page from the drop down menu at the top right of each Green Fees web pages.


How do I contact Green Fees?

Email us at [email protected] and a member  of the Green Fees team will be in contact within 48 hours. We are always looking to improve our service so feedback is also appreciated.


I didn’t receive an email receipt?


Don’t be concerned, you can use a screen shot of the payment confirmation as evidence if required. Creating an account after the first payment by adding a password will also give you access to a full Activity Statement accessed from the menu. Check your email junk folder as it may have been incorrectly classified. Double check you have the correct email address listed. Check your online banking as its possible the payment was not processed. The Club is also notified a payment as been made so you should be covered if questioned.


I cant find my club on the list to enable payment?


They may not have registered with the Green Fees Digital Honesty Box yet to enable online transactions. We suggest you let them know about this great service and have them contact us via email at [email protected]. The Green Fees team will then forward an information package to get things started. Unfortunately until that happens you have to pay using other methods.


The Green Fees cost is different to what I normally pay?


The Clubs set the pricing for 9-18 holes. Use of the Green Fees Digital Honesty Box includes a Credit Card surcharge and small fee on checkout to cover administrative costs. Nothing is free in this world but we keep these fees as low as possible.


I paid for 18 holes but only played 9, can I have a refund?


This would be based on individual Club refund policies. We would suggest Its unlikely based on general Club operations however recommend you discuss this with the Golf Club.


Do I have to enter a password and create an account?


No you don’t but we strongly suggest that you do. Having an account with us will speed up future transactions when using the Green Fees Digital Honesty Box in the future.


Is my Credit Card information safe?


Your Credit Card is processed via our secure payment service provider (PIN Payments). All information is encrypted using industry leading encryption. The Green Fees team or the Club never have access to this information at anytime.


I underpaid (9 holes instead of 18 or incorrect player number)?


You have a few options available: you can put through another payment to make up the difference or make separate arrangements with the Golf Club to cover any shortfall.


Why do you collect my email address?


An email address is required to forward written confirmation of payment. This can be used as evidence if approached by Club representatives.


I entered the incorrect email address what can I do?


Not to worry, if you can remember the incorrect address simply log in and go to "My Details" from the menu and update the email address or simply create a new account after your next payment with a new email address.


I'm not sure the payment went through?


If you haven't been presented with a payment confirmation on screen or received an email its highly likely payment has not been transacted. Check your online banking prior to processing payment again. 


How do I provide feedback or make a complaint?


We are always looking for ways to improve our service. Please email [email protected].


I can't find an answer to my question?


If its Club related we recommend you discuss with them. Otherwise send an email to [email protected] and Green Fees Australia will respond within 48 hours.